This website is dedicated to the artwork of Quebec artist Clemence St. Laurent. Shoveler's Break - oil - 10 x 12 (For the French website please go to: ) This website is dedicated to ClĂ©mence St. Laurent, an artist who devoted a large part of her long life to painting flowers, landscapes, still life and seascapes, as well as animals and portraits. It is in loving memory of this great lady that some of her paintings are featured on this website. The website includes biographical information about the artist, a list of her exhibitions, and two classifications for the display of her paintings. The first presents her works by theme or category , and the second by dimension . The category classification used on this website is similar to the one generally accepted in the art world. Although cut flowers can be considered as ‘still life’, here they are presented in their own category. Roses have their own page due to their importa